Introducing GAB

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  • Introducing Gable’s custom token; GAB.
  • At genesis 1 Billion GAB will be minted.
  • 55% of GAB will be distributed to the community over a ~4.5 year period. 10% of total supply to early adopters; 45% of total supply for long-term adoption.
  • 20% of GAB allocated for team members — with 4 year vesting.
  • 15% of GAB is allocated for operational expenses — with no vesting.
  • 10% of GAB is allocated for an investors round — with 2 year vesting.
  • 1% perpetual inflation rate.


GAB will be the custom token for the Gable protocol. This token will be issued deliberately after the first release of the protocol (Gable Version 1). From Gable Version 2 and onwards, GAB will play a pivotal role in interacting with the protocol and contributing to its governance (see details below).

GAB Use Cases

GAB will provide additional benefits and incentives to both suppliers and borrowers within Gable’s ecosystem.


Suppliers may gain access to enhanced rewards, reduced fees, or exclusive features, while borrowers can enjoy discounted interest rates or access to a wider range of lending options. This utility token will play a crucial role in further incentivizing engagement and usage on our platform.


The Gable token will also serve as a governance token. Token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making processes of Gable enabling them to vote on key proposals and protocol upgrades. This ensures that our community plays an active role in shaping the future direction of Gable.

GAB Allocation

At genesis, 1,000,000,000 GAB tokens will be minted, which will become available over an approx. 4.5 year period. The tokens will be allocated as following:

  • 55% of tokens will be distributed to the community: 550,000,000 GAB
  • 20% of tokens will be distributed to the team: 200,000,000 GAB
  • 15% of tokens will be dedicated to cover operational expenses: 150,000,000 GAB
  • 10% of tokens will be distributed to investors: 100,000,000 GAB
GAB Genesis Allocation

55% Allocated for Community:

55% of our token supply, has been reserved to empower and reward our valued community members. This allocation is designed to promote active engagement, participation, and long-term commitment.

  • 10% of total supply will be dedicated to early adopters, distributed over a 6 month period.

To recognize the importance of early adopters, we have allocated 10% of the total supply for borrowers and suppliers on Gable V1. 5% of total supply will be awarded to borrowers on the platform, based on relative value borrowed on the platform. Similarly, 5% of the total supply will be awarded to liquidity suppliers on the platform, based on the relative value staked with Gable validators.

Airdrop Campaign:

Our airdrop campaign will commence on the first day of V1’s release (scheduled for October 31st). Snapshots of the protocol’s state will be taken on am hourly basis, and airdrops will be distributed monthly. This exciting initiative will run for a duration of six months, providing an excellent opportunity for our community members to benefit from their engagement.

  • 45% of total supply will be dedicated to long-term adopters, distributed over a 4 year period.

To ensure longevity and continuity of the protocol and its community, a 4 year adoption program will be launched. This program will consist of campaigns, such as liquidity mining, staking, and more.

This program will kickstart at launch of V2 of the protocol. Before this period, these tokens will remain vested. Note: Launch date of V2 of the protocol, plus details on the campaign program to distribute these tokens remains to be announced.

10% Reserved for Investors:

In preparation for the launch of V2 of our protocol, we have reserved 10% of the total token supply for an investor round. However, it’s important to note that the development of V2 is anticipated to span at least six months. During this period, these tokens will be vested.

After completion of the investor round, the tokens will be vested for 2 years — releasing tokens consistently every 6 months.

20% Allocated for Team:

Team tokens can, and will, be dedicated to current and future team members. These tokens have been structured with a 4-year vesting period, featuring consistent release intervals every six months.

Note: In the case of future team members, we are committed to developing a retention plan. This plan will introduce an additional vesting period for their tokens

15% Allocated for Operational Expenses

We have allocated 15% of the total token supply to ensure the smooth and robust operation of Gable. These tokens will not be vested, as they need to be free to cover expenses and ensure the continuity of Gable.

These tokens will be utilized to cover a range of essential costs, including but not limited to:

  1. Marketing: A portion of these tokens will be directed towards marketing efforts, enabling us to reach a wider audience, expand our user base, and promote Gable.
  2. Auditing: Ensuring the security and trustworthiness of our protocol is a top priority. A portion of the allocation will be utilized for third-party audits, ensuring that our smart contracts and code are thoroughly reviewed and free from vulnerabilities.
  3. Listing on Exchanges: To enhance liquidity and accessibility, we will allocate funds to list our custom token, GAB, on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges.
  4. Advisory Services: We will engage experts and advisors to provide guidance on various aspects of our project, such as regulatory compliance, strategic development, and technical excellence.
  5. Operational Expenses: The tokens will also cover general operational expenses, which include infrastructure maintenance, legal compliance, administrative overhead, and any other costs necessary to ensure the efficient functioning of the lending protocol.

This results in the following release schedule:

GAB 4.5 year release schedule

Sustainable Growth with 1% Annual Inflation

We are committed to encourage active participation and contribution within the Gable. To ensure the long-term health and sustainability of our ecosystem, we are introducing a perpetual inflation rate of 1% per year. This inflation mechanism will come into effect after the last tokens from the initial release schedule have been distributed, approximately 4.5 years from now.

This 1% annual inflation will completely be dedicated for participation on the protocol, by the community. Therefore, this inflation is designed to serve several important purposes:

  1. Incentivizing Participation: It encourages users to actively engage with the protocol by providing them with ongoing token rewards.
  2. Sustainable Tokenomics: This controlled inflation rate helps strike a balance between maintaining the value of our custom token, GAB, and stimulating economic activity within our ecosystem.




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